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What We Do

We provide subscriptions to portfolios of commodities trading systems.  Auto-trade brokers then auto-trade the portfolio of systems for you.  Subscription is via credit card, with automatic monthly recurring billing.


What You Do

You set up your own individualized account with an auto-trade broker who executes our systems, then you subscribe to one of our portfolios, and then you sit back and let the auto-trade brokers trade your selected portfolio of systems for you.


We Eat Our Own Cooking

When the auto-trade brokers place an order for you, they place the same order for me.  I am a customer of the auto-brokers just like you are.  We are in the same trading block.  Whatever fill price you get, I get the same fill price, because Interactive Brokers uses average price system whereby all accounts in the block get the same average fill price.  Thus, if you are trading the same portfolio I am trading, we get the same fill performance per trade, per month, and per year.  ‘I’ here refers, as it does throughout this website, to Wayne Griffith, principle of Advanced Systems, Inc.


We Are Risk-Averse & We Are Diligent

My money is on the line and your money is on the line.  I take that very seriously.  I personally and conscientiously oversee the performance of my trading systems being used to trade our money.  The author of the book “Market Beaters”, published in 2004, deemed my statement, “Anyone who has ever developed a trading system will have to admit there are situations that the system does not cover” worthy of emphasis in his chapter on me.  I do not give my automated systems unsupervised command over our money.  I do manual overrides, primarily by withholding trades, if profit potential is too small or too unlikely, and/or if loss potential is too large or too likely.  I do this to try to contain losses and to preserve gains.  It is well known that my bent is not to seek maximum possible gain but rather to seek ‘risk adjusted gain’, wherein it is more important to me to avoid maximum potential loss/drawdown than to achieve maximum potential gain.  Last year, 2014, in actual trading, we incurred only half of hypothetical drawdown, but still achieved 98.3% of hypothetical performance of the portfolio we traded.  We may not do equally well in 2015, or we may do better in 2015, that can’t be known until 2015 is over.  For sure we will do our very best to provide you good gains with contained losses and drawdown.


How to Use this Website

Begin by selecting (clicking on) the ‘Risk Disclosure’ tab on the upper left side of this page.  Read the CFTC mandated risk disclosure page and click ‘I Accept’ at the bottom of the page, and that will take you automatically to the ‘Performance’ page of the website. Then use the links on the left side of the website pages to navigate to topics of interest.  Please read the entire website, we believe you will be impressed with our exactness and thoroughness and can see that we never say “that is good enough”, but rather always endeavor to provide the best trading signals we can.  Use Internet Explorer for best viewing.



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